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dog Walking

in-house pet sitting

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Time spent with your beloved pup is fully customized to fit their individual needs.

Quality play sessions include physical activity and mental stimulation.

 The result from quality play sessions is a tired, healthy dog versus an exhausted dog from over–stimulation or stress.

The choice is yours so don't let them get bored 

"When you have a bored dog, you may start having trouble; sometimes they get destructive. It's good to keep their energy burning. Daily walks, catching a frisbee, or fetching their favorite toys are a perfect way to make both you and your pups happy.

Consistency keeps a dog healthy, and obedient. That is why dashingDEEDS is help you have a great relationship with your pup. It is an absolute pleasure to care for them while you go about your day. It makes us all happy!"


~Nadine Vaughan

Owner/Pet Care Specialist

The Importance of Mental


Physical Exercise for your Dog

Exercise has a tremendous effect on our pet’s health and happiness.  

A regular exercise program can help

burn nervous energy 

reduce boredom/separation anxiety

help with recovering from surgery 

All which make them less likely to be destructive or develop annoying behaviors such as excessive barking.

dashingDEEDS can help ensure that your canine companion gets both the mental AND physical exercise that they need to keep them healthy and happy. 

Exercise is playtime in their minds.

Movement is medicine.

Different dogs have different needs when it comes to exercise.

Please keep in mind that most dogs love to burn energy and because of their enthusiasm and willingness to please their owner, they may not stop when they are tired.

 We are always keeping an eye out for signs of fatigue such as trouble breathing or excessive panting. 

They are watched closely so we are able to tell when they have had enough exercise.

If you are unable to give your dog a daily walk perhaps give us a call!

YOUR 4-legged FRIEND deserves some extra TLC, belly rubs or an outside adventure.



dashingDEEDS will ensure that your best friend is reaping the numerous benefits of mental AND physical exercise. 

 By providing your dog with mental as well as physical exercise, dashingDEEDS can make sure you are giving back to your dog all the love that they give to you.