The BEST thing to happen to your PET

since they came to live with you!

Dog Portrait

While located in the Back Mountain Area, our approach in the pet care business is “service first” by giving you a better experience than expected.

Compassion. Dedication.

We take into consideration your pet’s diet, social, mental, and physical state. 

We are here to maintain this delicately balanced combination, while you are away or perhaps when you simply need some pet care assistance. It is an honor to be here for you and your beloved companions. 

Patience. LOVE.

Essentially, when in our care we do our best to give your pet a calm, consistent and loving experience.

This involves a constant learning, mindfulness, adaptation, communication and maintenance of the relationships we proudly work so hard to cultivate.

Pet Care
Pet Taxi
All dogs must be spayed or neutered if they over 6 months of age and participating in pack walking sessions or group play.

Vaccination Requirements

Please email a copy of your pet’s record of vaccinations and fecal test from your veterinarian to

All pets must have a current record of vaccinations on file with dashingDEEDS Pet Care.

This includes:

    • Bordatella Intranasal (kennel cough)

    • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvo Virus)

    • Rabies at 6 months

    • Flu shot (recommended)