Off-Leash Play Safety Pledge

group play safety bdge.JPG

As owner of a pet care provider with canine enrichment play sessions, I pledge that our program has been designed for the safety of all dogs. We strive to ensure physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to feel behaviorally and emotionally better. We value our clients and want to be a key partner in the care of their dog(s). In operating a safe and fun dog play program, I specifically pledge that I will:

  • Continue to receive education on dog behavior and safe play management.

  • Establish dog health and managemnt procedures foucused on supporting the physical and emotional health of each dog.

  • Require trained staff members to be physically present your dog 100% of the timewhen your dogs are playing together.

  • Monitor all dog's enjoyment of play on a continuous basis.

  • Communicate proactively, openly,and honestly with clients about all dog care concerns.

  • Ensure ongoing compliance with this pledge by maintaining regular control checks of all items listed.